Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is it you?


That one word that tends to scare most men out of their socks. Marriage is very overrated and personally that is where most relationships have a downfall. I don't believe that each person has a soulmate, some people even die without knowing what true love really is. And thus, the question that is often left unanswered arises: what do we live for? Simple question, yet noone truly has the answer, we only think we know. From evolution til today, we as human beings are left with more questions than answers. How will we know if we already met our soulmate, companion, and bestfriend? Are they all the same person or is it found in many different people? How will we know if we're marrying "the one?" The answer is: we don't. Life on many levels is full of risks and only through those risks we find meaning. So, many question the value of marriage as do I; however, a part of us hopes that one day that beautiful fairytale will someday be a story of our own. The story that hopefully someday we'll tell our kids as they grow up who will soon be in the same position we were once were in. Don't worry, don't stress, don't panic. It wouldn't be called life without some mystery, right?