Sunday, January 29, 2012

Darkness surrounds...

What can you do when all you could do wasn't enough?

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  1. hey u.. i wrote this its been awhile since i wrote any sort of poetry.. i hope u like it has meaning...:)

    Some say poets are a dime a dozen
    because they let their minds go without reach
    Many poets write what they feel,
    others may write what they see....

    A picture is worth a thousand words,
    so what is a single word worth
    Would not the sun, yet shine,
    if no creature lived on earth...

    Forever doesn't feel long till ur gone..
    and joy wouldn't feel so good
    if it wasn't for pain
    I believe that my pens would still
    bleed with endless drops of rain

    After all is said and done...
    relying on love without fail
    we may learn to live as one,
    but heart break will never fail

    its funny but i cant laugh..
    ur in reach but i'll never grasp..
    the thought of u and i..
    as one .. -sirpepe..